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Ammonium aluminum sulfate

Detailed description

  • Alias:Aluminium ammonium sulfate; Ammonium aluminum sulfate; Aluminum ammonium sulfate hydrate (11212); Aluminum ammonium disulfate.
  • Molecular formula:NH4Al(SO4)2 ;H4AlNO8S2
  • Molecular weight:237.1452
  • CAS No:7784-26-1
  • EINECS No:232-055-3
  • H.S.code:2833309000
  • Physical and chemical:
  • Relative density:1.64
  • Melting point: 93.5℃
  • Water-soluble:15g/100ml (20°C) slightly soluble in water, soluble in hot water, acidic aqueous solution. Soluble in dilute acid, glycerin, insoluble in alcohol.
  • Appearance:colorless crystal or white granular powder.
  • Application:Used for medicine, food processing and water treatment agent.
  • Specification
    Item Index
    Aluminium ammonium sulphate 99.5%min
    Fe 0.05%max
    Pb 0.0005%max
    As 0.0002%max
    Water insoluble matter 0.1%max
    Appearance White lumps or powder
    Weightless when drying 1.0%max