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Sodium sulfate

Detailed description

  • Alias:Sodium sulfate solution, Sodium sulfate, Anhydrous,Sodium sulfate anhydrous.
  • Molecular formula: Na2SO4
  • Molecular weight: 142.04
  • CAS No:7757-82-6
  • EINECS No:231-820-9
  • H.S. code:2833110000 (No tax collection or refund)
  • Physical and chemical properties:
  • Density:2.68
  • Melting point:884℃
  • Solubility:Soluble in water and glycerin, insolubled in ethanol.
  • Appearance:white monoclinic crystal or powder.
  • Storage:Stored in a cool, ventilated warehouse. Away from fire and heat. Acids, etc. should be kept separately, avoid mixed reserve.
  • Application:Can be used as an salting agent or flocculating agent in medicine, and can be used in paper, glass, printing and dyeing, synthetic fiber, leather industry as well.
  • Price:FOB USD 50~75 / Ton

Items Index
Detergent Grade Textile Grade
Na2SO4 (%) 98.5%Min 99%min
Insolubles in water (%) 0.05%max 0.05%max
Ca+Mg(As Mg) (%) 0.15%max 0.15%max
Cl (%) 0.70%max 0.35%max
Fe (%) 0.002%max 0.002%max
Moisture (%) 0.2%max 0.2%max
Whiteness(%) 82%Min 82%Min
Ph(1% solution) 8-10 6-8